“Thank you for today’s session. A wonderful warm energy flowed through your hands from the first moment, which I found very healing. And also your own comfort with making sounds and movement helped me to relax and open up. I enjoyed the slow pace of the work which enabled me to listen very deeply to my body and feelings, all round it was a very comforting and healing experience in which I felt lovingly well held.”

CJ, female client


‘I made an appointment to see Stella for help with delayed ejaculation, which had been a difficult issue for me throughout my adult life. It was something that was very frustrating for me and for my partners and can be a very difficult thing to deal with and explain. Although very nervous about taking this step I knew that I owed it to myself to at least try to see if there was anything I could do to improve things and, with hindsight, it has proved to be absolutely the right step. Stella was understanding, patient and completely non-judgmental. Despite my nerves I quickly found that I was able to talk to her about the problems I was experiencing and began to feel comfortable doing so. Stella listened patiently and over a series of sessions that involved talking, bodywork and homework I experienced a transformation in my understanding of the issues I had been experiencing. The impact on my sexual wellbeing has been enormous and I am so grateful to Stella for her help. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone experiencing sexual problems: life is too short to suffer in silence and my only regret is that I did not have the benefit of Stella’s help years ago.”

(Male Client)

(..) This is what changed about me, from being afraid [of male genitals and intimacy with a male partner] to loving it now. Also I do enjoy when he pleasures me.[…] I have made big progress. Thank you dear Stella as you are the one who has helped me through our sessions to open more to sexuality, and a relationship.

(Female client)

Sexological Bodywork


I am a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and offer sessions in my private practice in London Leyton, for men, women and couples.


Sexological Bodyworkers are Somatic Educators – we are hands-on facilitators in order to improve the relationships you have with your body, your Self, and your loved ones. We aim to create somatic experiences for you that may completely shift your horizons, and may alter and enhance the way you perceive yourself, your body or your sexuality. Come and see me if you


  • wish to have a better relationship with your body and your sexuality
  • want to enhance your self pleasuring practice, or your way of interacting sexually with loved ones
  • feel that sexual shame stands in the way of you openly, lovingly and confidently interacting with others
  • suffered trauma in the area of sexuality
  • have a specific issue around sexuality that you would like to consult me about
  • crave loving and honouring touch for every bit of your body, and deep relaxation

Professional guidelines require that I remain fully dressed, and that touch would be one-way only.


Upcoming Workshops and Events




Original Cuddle Party

This is our regular event – I try to schedule one about every month, unless I’m travelling….

Our next Happy Saturdays event with Cuddle Party after April15th will be on May6th in East London.

If you are interested in booking it, please consider booking the entire day, called Happy Saturdays, which comprises the Cuddle Party in the afternoon, and Saturday Authentic Connection.


Cuddle Party Saturday afternoon, April 15th, 2pm - 5:30pm, near Finsbury Park station, N7. More info, and book your place

Saturday, April 15th: Join a lovely group of people for our Happy Saturdays 11am – 5:30pm

(Authentic Connection 11am-1pm, Cuddle Party 2-5:30pm)

Happy Saturdays is a monthly event of Authentic Connection, movement/dance, touch and Cuddling. We are a lovely group where you can feel safe to just be YOU, respecting your precious Self, and the others, and get your fill of Oxytocin and Yumminess. 🙂 You can book the entire day here, or either event (Saturday Authentic Connection, 11am – 1pm, or Saturday Cuddle Party, 2pm – 5:30pm, individually on Eventbrite.


Blushing With Confidence – a peer-led group series for Professional Women in London. Vulnerability is Strength.

Wednesday, April 26th, 7pm in East London (Leyton):

Gülie Ismail – How EFT can help us Own our Vulnerability, and Turn it into Strength. Donation only. Booking and info here.

The Art of Touch & Cuddle Party Workshops

Cuddle Party


Cuddle Parties are non-sexual events where we can practice our Yes’s and No’s powerfully, feel our boundaries, and express our desires for touch and closeness. They are clothes-on, and safely held, a mixture between a workshop and a social gathering. I am a Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator.


I also teach private sessions and workshops on The Art of Touch.


Cuddle Session Review by Metro Journalist

This is a link to the full page review in the U.K. online publication Metro. The journalist is reviewing the experience of having a first session ever with a professional cuddler.

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