About Stella Anna Sonnenbaum

This is Her Story

  • Licensed Pharmacist
  • Master in Public Health
  • Reiki Level One
  • Shiatsu Therapist
  • Dance Diploma
  • Certified Further and Adult Educator
  • Certified Movement Analyst
  • Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator
  • Certified Sexological Bodyworker
  • Somatic Sex Education

and that is not all….. 🙂

What all of these have in common is the body and its wellbeing and health, its beauty in movement, its sexuality, and teaching about it.

Stella is a Libra, and her main endeavour in life seems to be creating beauty, balance and harmony, in authenticity.

As you can see, she has re-invented herself many times, from being a pharmacist and Shiatsu therapist in Berlin, Germany, via dancing, performing and teaching in London, to taking up Reiki and Tantra in 2004 and Sexological Bodywork in 2015.

Her other permanent field of passion, learning and exploration is Love and Relationships, and not only her training, but also her personal experience here have made her quite an expert in the field 🙂

A shy, brainy, Rilke-reading, and classical guitar playing teenager in small town Germany, she lived in her head mainly, which led to being constantly in a vicious circle of being either in a good or a bad mood, but missing a place of Authenticity and Home where it could all find a voice, come together, and be processed.

Even though successful, and popular, she felt profoundly unhappy most of the time as a result.

It took several decades, and professional trainings, in her personal journey to finally arrive at feeling her body and integrating it, Tantra to discover her heart, and finally a Certificate in Sexological Bodywork, and many other workshops, including Conscious Kink, to explore her own sexuality in detail, and excel at working with clients on theirs.

She has lived, studied and worked in five different countries.

Now based in East London, UK, she can look back on seven years of successful individual work with clients on their pleasure, sexuality and wellbeing, and two years of teaching workshops internationally.

Stella lives in an intentional Conscious Living community for most of the year, and typically spends three months travelling, studying and working abroad.

She says that Issues concerning sexuality and intimacy are often a stepping stone on your self development journey, and by working with her you can enhance your embodiment and integration of yourself as a fully alive and embodied sexual being to a degree that took her decades to achieve, and is available for you in a single session, or in a timeframe of months.

It is her prime endeavour to make you feel safe to show yourself as the sexual Being you really are.

Welcome to the most important step towards freedom and personal aliveness you will ever take!

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