Are you having a Big O - or a Climax?

Are you having a Big O - or a Climax?

A lot of people would argue that a big O and a climax are one and the same thing. 

While a choice of words is not significant, it can be beneficial to actually look at details, because there is so much more to orgasms or climaxes than meets the eye.

We are talking about Big O’s – but what about small O’s? 

Multiorgasmic women can fire from different areas of the genital arousal apparatus, typically from areas inside the vagina or around the perineum, before having a (big!) clitoral orgasm. 

American Sex Educator Betty Dodsen was famous for encouraging women participants to keep going after having their first orgasm, because there may be more, more profound, and stronger orgasms yet, to follow suit.

A big O in men can involve ejaculation, or in-jaculation (where the semen is released into the bladder), or be a dry orgasm (without e- or in-jaculation).

My suggestion would be to call the typical pleasurable contractions in the genitals, climaxes. So, multiorgasmic would really be ‘multi climactic’, if we talk about genital involvement. 

And then, let’s talk about NGO’s(= non-genital orgasms, here!). NGO’s are orgasms elsewhere in the body, and also have pleasure and ‘shudders’ and releases attached to them. 

Cultivating NGO’s without genital involvement is a way to reach whole body climaxes, with initial genital involvement, that can go on and on, as whole body orgasms. A big O indeed! 

Climaxes can happen in the genitals. Orgasms can be the joyful shudders of being in this world, and engaging our senses, fully. There is always more engagement, more joyful surrender to the senses to be experienced. It’s a lifelong journey of letting go of control and of resistance to life itself.

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