Are you Sexually Confident?

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Something many people want to know is how they can feel more empowered and confident in their sex life. One reason for that people don’t feel confident or empowered is that in our society, there is still a lot of shame and judgement concerning sexuality, particularly for women.

In life, we are constantly drawn to grow and expand, and pleasure education is no different – it’s a lifelong endeavour.

Sexuality gets us in touch with our desires, with what brings us joy in life. Speaking out about our desires can make us vulnerable, as we might be judged or rejected, and yet, it’s the only way we can get what we really, really want! So learning how to get good at this is a very valuable life skill.

Sexuality is also about creativity. Learning to become creative with our bodies and desires can lead to becoming more creative in other areas of our lives too – like our jobs, and with our families. Our sexuality can teach us to go for what we want in life, and not give in to fear and shame.

Feeling empowered to pursue the sex life that you really want is an essential part of a healthy, balanced life – the journey is different for everyone, but it’s something I can help you with.

If you’d like to learn how to have a more creative and confident sex life, then I can help you. I facilitate sex coaching sessions for men, for women, and for couples. 

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