Best Sex Positions for Men’s Solo Sex

Best Sex Positions for Men’s Solo Sex

Best Sex Positions for Solo Sex?!

What do you mean, best positions for solo sex? Doesn’t that depend entirely on which device you are using for porn, or where you can find privacy for solo sex?

Well, porn does not necessarily need to be involved for solo sex. I remember watching a video where a guy was having solo sex in a yoga position, the Wheel, which is where your pubic bone is the highest point, and you support yourself with your hands and feet only. In order to touch himself intimately and maintain his erection, he needed to use a c*ck ring, and take one hand off support. Miraculously, he did ejaculate. Don’t try this at home!

Devices for solo sex have become really devious, the latest solo sex tech development are automated fleshlights connecting to a video of your favourite porn actress, watched through sophisticated goggles to give you a 3D experience – these devices give a really quick and powerful orgasm which depend entirely on lots and lots of external stimulation, both mechanical and visual. You don’t even have to use your hands! It’s more or less like wiring yourself up to a masturbation machine. I’m not sure about the satisfaction you experience, or how you feel afterwards.

Similarly, porn itself can be a sophisticated product, aiming to get you off as fast as possible.

The device you are watching porn on may determine your position – after all, you want to be relaxed, private, and not having to crane your neck. Let me explain, quickies may have their place, of course – but what about longer solo sex sessions?

Best times for longer solo sex sessions

Avoid late nights after an exhausting work (or play) day for longer solo sex sessions. Your body might easily override your best intentions, and cut the time short, because of your innate desire to rest and sleep. Your testosterone levels are probably highest in the early morning. Unless you are rushing to get to work, mornings are therefore good times for longer sessions, but you may want to walk the dog first, and have a cuppa of something.

Sex positions and Toys

Using an anal toy? Anal toys for solo sex range from simple thin insertibles with a structured or smooth surface, curved or straight, to actual dildos in different sizes, most of which also have a vibrator function, butt plugs, anal beads which lend themselves for a more meditative anal pleasure experience, and two-pronged vibrator toys. All anal toys should have a base. There are basically two positions for solo sex if you use anal toys, you can insert them lying on your back, via pulling your legs up, or resting your feet against a wall, or you can place them underneath you, and lower yourself onto them. Thick lube or coconut oil is a must, to avoid injuries. Don’t do anything that hurts, support yourself safely, and take it slowly.

If you are not used to anal penetration, probe the outer anal area first by lying on your back, and inserting a finger. You may notice that you open up more easily via bearing down. Then, crouch down, hold the toy in place, and try lowering yourself onto it. Side positions are also possible, but are a little more complex. Try a thin toy first, to get more familiar with angles and sensations. Careful, don’t move too much when having anal toys inserted, in order to avoid injury.

The prostate gland can be accessed from inside the anus, or via pressure on the perineum. The perineum is the area between your testicles and and your anus. Some men sit on a folded towel for solo sex, in order to create that pressure, and move the upper body to vary it. I once handled a sex toy that should also work nicely for that purpose. It was a vibrating toy that looked a bit like a flying saucer.

When using a fleshlight or tenga or similar, so a toy with a hard shell and a squishy interior, remember you don’t have to hold it with your hand. Try fixing it somewhere, like underneath a pillow you are lying on, facing down. For standing up, consider fixing it on your ironing board for height adjustment. Push the ironing board against the wall, to have something solid behind it, maybe with a thick towel in-between to not entertain the neighbours with rhythmic banging,

Changing positions during solo sex sessions can greatly enhance your satisfaction!

Sadly, a great number of family men only ever have solo sex in the shower, due to lack of privacy everywhere else in the house. While that’s most likely quick, in order to not occupy the bathroom for too long, I would really recommend to add standing positions to sitting/reclining ones. The advantage of standing up for solo sex is that your pelvis can move freely. Have you got a large stand up mirror in your bedroom? Consider using it for solo sex, and get into your porn star mode. Put your favourite music track on. Move, and breathe.

When you move a lot during solo sex, you most likely won’t be glued to your device. Give the eye candy a break, and start moving and feeling your entire body. I have seen men get into a beautiful wild erotic trance, fully embodied, just via moving and breathing a lot with solo sex self touch. Wear a blindfold to get more disinhibited. Touch your entire body, and roll around, from side to side, or plant your feet, and lift your pelvis.

Please understand that you can always come back to your device if you like, which makes for long sessions. Long and satisfying solo sex sessions are one remedy for having too many quickies. ’Too many’ is of course highly subjective! Enjoy!

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