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A Certified Sexological Bodyworker and a Certified Somatic Sex Educator in Central London, Stella is a hands-on Sex Embodiment Mindfulness Coach who sees clients of any gender or sexual orientation in her practice in London, Fitzrovia. She also teaches workshops in London, and internationally.

Sex Therapy in the 21st Century is holistic, body based coaching, and a hands-on modality where YOU can set your own development goals, and draw on Stella’s expertise to help achieve them, whether that’s about overcoming a specific sexual issue, finding more play time in your relationship, communicate better about your pleasure needs, or learning to deeply relax, align with your gut and heart intelligence, to be successful in every area of your life, and thrive, via Embodied Mindfulness.

Sex Therapist or Sex Coach? My Background...

Stella has almost 25 years of experience in the Sectors of Health, Movement, Alternative Body Therapy, Tantra and Sex Therapy, and draws on all of her skills, including decades of Self Development, to make them available for you as and when needed.

Originally from Germany, she used to be a licensed Pharmacist in Berlin, holds a Masters in Public Health (TU Berlin), trained in Reiki, Shiatsu and Tantra, is a Certified Movement Analyst and holds a Dance Diploma, and taught in business for many years.

Sex Therapy has Embodiment Coaching at its core. A number of sexual issues stem from fears and anxiety around performance, shame, or inability to feel and sense what is actually going on in our bodies.

What all of her training and expertise have in common is the body and its wellbeing and health, its beauty in movement, its sexuality, and teaching about it. She integrates all her expertise into a hands-on Sex Coaching modality which goes far beyond traditional Sex Therapy.

Her other permanent field of passion, learning and exploration is Love and Relationships, and not only her training, but also her personal experience here have made her quite an expert in the field :-). I invite you to come for a Touch and Pleasure based Relationship Coaching experience, and invaluable investment into your relationship, and for the one you love most.

Are You Looking for a Sex Therapist in Central London?

Far beyond a conventional Sex Therapist, she is a Sex and Body Expert, and includes Conscious Kink, coaching about Porn Addiction, and coming to terms with Sexual Fantasies, in her Expertise. Unlike most Sex Therapists, she has learned and experienced modalities like Conscious Kink by being actively involved, and by constantly exploring and expanding her own range of pleasure. She lives what she teaches.

She has lived, studied and worked in five different countries.

Now based in Central London, UK, she can look back on seven years of successful individual work with clients on their pleasure, sexuality and wellbeing, and four years of teaching workshops nationally and internationally, and online.

She says that issues concerning sexuality and intimacy are often a stepping stone on your self-development journey, and by working with her you can enhance your embodiment and integration of yourself as a fully alive and embodied sexual being to a degree that took her decades to achieve, and is available for you in a single session, or in a time frame of months.

It is her prime endeavour to make you feel safe to thrive by fully exploring and accepting your sexuality at your core, and live a more pleasure-filled life, for your greatest success in all areas. Stella is a trauma-informed practitioner.

Welcome to the most important step towards freedom and personal aliveness beyond Sex Therapy you will ever take!

Feel free to contact Stella, and arrange your initial zoom consultation.

Stella looks forward to hearing from you!

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