Cuddle Party London

Cuddle Party London

Cuddle Parties are non-sexual events where we can practice our Yes’s and No’s powerfully, feel our boundaries, and express our desires for touch and closeness. They are clothes-on, and safely held, a mixture between a workshop and a social gathering. I am a Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator.

Cuddle Party London

The Challenge – Lack of Touch

In the Western World, we live in a touch-deprived environment. Single Person households are on the rise, and 35% of all London households are now occupied by just one person.

Touch is a human need. As children we would simply die if we didn’t get touched at all. The need for touch does not just go away when we grow up. Regular loving touch has a huge number of health benefits, like better immune system, improved cardio-vascular health, and well-being generally. A hug lasting for more than 20 seconds releases Oxytocin, which is beneficial for heart rate and blood pressure. It is also called ‘the bonding hormone’, and creates greater trust between individuals, better teamwork, and has a number of other benefits.

Most people tend to rely on their romantic partner as the sole source of loving touch, however it is a relatively new phenomenon that we live outside of traditional communities, where mutual touch was just ubiquitous. Can we really demand from a romantic partner what an entire extended family gave to to each other previously?

The Solution – Cuddle Party London

Betty Martin says, when we keep touch and sexuality apart, and look at both individually, it actually enhances both.

Not all touch is sexual.

Think of business handshakes for example, or hugging your children, or relatives. Think of the pleasures of stroking your cat.

The reason why we take loving touch as an innuendo for sexual contact only, is a one-track mind set, and the fear of not being able to set boundaries.

Cuddle Party is an excellent safe playground to practice our Yes’s and No’s, and to feel into our authentic responses in each moment. Unlike in other environments, we are actually encouraged to change our minds – when we respond to the present, change is normal.

My mission in my Life and London Cuddle Party is to empower people to set boundaries, which allows for more tactile pleasures with each other – We can only ever say yes after we have learned to say no. When closeness feels risky, it’s usually due to an inability to say no.

Come, practice and play, at Cuddle Party London – and shift your horizons forever, for happier and healthier lives that allow you to thrive as the human being you are.



Cuddle Party London

Cuddle Party London

Founding Date of Cuddle Party

Average London Cuddle Party group size

Blissed out London Cuddle Party Participants

Amazing Results

Since 2015 I have organised and facilitated 24 Cuddle Parties in London, and one in the Czech Republic.

I also facilitated numerous  workshops on touch, cuddling and boundaries, at the Bliss festival in Northern Ireland, in London, and at Togetherness in London.

Thank you to everybody who comes along, and helps make Cuddle Party London a success!

Come Along and Enjoy!

Be Part of the Change!

Bring more Pleasure to your Life

London Cuddle Party
  • Love Factor 60% 60%
  • Oxytocin 90% 90%
  • Authenticity 75% 75%
  • Happiness 95% 95%

The Results Were Amazing!

Even though the percentages on the left are of course made up… 🙂

Cuddle Party London

Cuddle Party London


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