Date Night In? Playful Sexuality can be Fully Clothed!

Date Night in? Playful Sexuality can be fully clothed!

Part 3: Go wild, without even taking your clothes off

Date Night In? Playful Sexuality can be Fully Clothed! When we are familiar with our partners we usually have no issues to get naked with each other, and please do, by all means! There is nothing like skin-to-skin contact. Nudity however is not a requirement for playful sexuality. You can get very sexy with each other while fully clothed.

For once, I’m not talking about eroticism, where sexuality is anticipated, which can be really hot, e.g. in these film scenes.

Why would you stay fully clothed when getting sexual with your partner? 

When we are in comfortable clothes (or even very sexy ones that still allow for movement!) we can still do all the sexual moves with each other. 

The most obvious reasons for staying fully clothed are of course privacy, or low temperature. To fully relax during sex it’s really important that the room is warm and welcoming. However, there are some sexy scenarios that don’t quite provide the ideal cosy temperature, such as a mountain chalet heated only by a fireplace. Yes – you definitely want to get onto that bear skin or cosy rug, right by the fire. Or just push the couch close enough. 

Fully clothed does not equal awkward – on the contrary! 

Fully clothed sexual moves can bring up memories of either steamy romantic first encounters, or awkward fumbling about, ending with a wet spot in your trousers. 

However, I’m not talking about dry humping here!

The advantage of staying clothed is that you can go much wilder, move more, and change positions more frequently, without fearing ‘awkward angles’. Also, there are no erections required, and this exercise can be fun for partners of all genders. Instead of awkwardly trying to find the good positions, and stay there, I would like you to go really wild, and expansive.  Overdo it, if your fitness and health levels allow for it. I would even suggest to set a timer for 5 minutes. The task is to go as wild as you can, move as much as you can, and change positions often. Don’t forget to breathe!

This will lead to giggles, and it has, of course, a performance element. 

Fully clothed – and dressed up?

You can of course take the performance element one step further, and dress up for the occasion. Naughty Santa, anybody? Or a rabbit onesie?

I would suggest to not aim for climax in these 5 minutes. The idea is to express your sex drive more full bodied.

After 5 minutes you might feel out of breath, but also possibly a degree of intimacy and freedom with both your own body and sexuality, and your partner’s. 

Up to you if you want to carry on, and get naked! 


Photo by Ba Tik