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Making Pleasure a Priority in Life

In-person workshops are back! Please follow my social media (FB, Insta or Linked-In) in the footer for up-to-date info.

What’s on?

Fall In Love With The Woman You Are


Due to the intimate nature of this work, it will be a small group of women, and everything you share remains confidential.

This practical online course is for you if you feel that you want to love your body and your sexuality even better, and have a strong desire to live your life more passionately, every day!

Gain tools to access new realms and resources you can step into, to embody your precious Self. 

It is for women who are ready to delve into the power, pleasure and mystery of their feminine essence, align to their life force via sexuality, and liberate themselves from the constraints of social conditioning. The world needs us women to step up, and be the best, happiest and most powerful version of ourselves. 

3 tier payment – please pay as much as you can/feel comfortable with.

In this course you can:

  • Rediscover and connect with your intimate anatomy
  • Find a more satisfying Self Pleasuring practice
  • Make arousal whole-bodied and expressive via Orgasmic Yoga Practice and Sexual De-Armouring
  • Allow for passionate Self Love and Heart De-Armouring
  • Connect with your Inner Lover
  • Rediscover your Sense of Touch using Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent
  • Connect with your future Self via your 7th chakra and breath

What’s required: 

  • A strong Wifi connection
  • A webcam so that we can see your face while sharing
  • A private, cosy space for yourself
  • A mirror and a smaller magnifying mirror (ideally a lighted one, or use a bicycle light/torch)
  • Drawing material (pencil/pen and paper is fine)
  • A powerful vibrator toy
  • A spirit of curiosity and exploration.

Your Libido


The Liberate Your Libido online course for Men comes in two versions: The 7-week online self-study course, which is available all year, and the Liberate Your Libido Plus course, which is on offer a few times a year, and has additional group coaching options.

This course is not just about Lasting Longer – it’s about finding a more profound relationship with pleasure and sexuality.

Liberate your Libido is a 7-Week Course for Men based on Stella’s comprehensive E-Book comprising 80% of the practical tools she uses in one-to-one sessions in her Somatic Sex Coaching practice in Central London. Each week you will receive an e-mail with the link to the next learning module. Stella will guide you through this E-Book in bite size chunks, and asks questions to engage with the material, and implement the learning. 

This comprehensive course is aimed at men who would like to re-invent their self pleasuring practice, and become an even better lover for themselves and their partners, with particular view to lasting longer, and have more satisfying penetrative sex.

In this course you can:

  • Find new fun ways of making love with yourself
  • Reflect on messages you got about pleasure,
  • Unlearn negative conditioning you might have received about sexuality and self-pleasuring
  • Learn to relax about performance
  • Learn sophisticated tools to regulate your arousal
  • Find ways of using porn involving more of your senses than just the visual
  • Stay in the moment and enjoy
  • Shift the focus from goal to pleasure
  • Learn to surf the edge of arousal, and smile!
  • Become an even better lover for yourself and your partners

Cuddle Party


With Covid-19, Cuddle Party is going virtual! We aim to recreate the feeling of trust, sharing and connection of in-person events, as well as evoke expansive sensations similar to physical connection and touch.

Prepare a cosy space in your home, where you can sit up or lie down, and expect self touch, or tune into the very tangible effects of imagined consensual mutual touch.

Any mutual virtual touch will be receiver directed – the receiver asks for what they want, and the givers check in. You may want to communicate about area, direction, pace, pressure. The givers remain in charge for what they are willing to give, and their own personal boundaries.

We will start with a heart sharing, have a chat about self-care options and touch desires, a guided touch journey to familiarise yourself with different touch tools, safety rules and consent, ice breakers, optional breakout rooms depending on the size of the group, which also allow for chatting only, if you prefer.

We will close with a guided visualisation and a sharing/feedback circle.

This event is fully clothed (wear something cosy and comfortable), and has platonic touch only.

On request participants can carry on socialising at the end.

What’s required:

  • We need everybody to be on camera please when we are sharing, so a camera and good Wifi connection is essential.
  • No late-comers please, make sure your on time. If you lose your connection at any point, but have been on time, I will do my best to re-admit you asap.
  • One person per camera please!
  • Make sure to have a private/quiet space with no interruptions
  • No multi-tasking please