Fun Sex Positions for Couples to try!

Fun Sex Positions for Couples to try!

Fun Sex Positions for Couples – what about the tried and tested ones?

Are the best sex positions for couples the ones we are already doing with our partner? Possibly! For first sexual encounters, but especially in longer relationships, we tend to stick to conventional sex positions, and avoid the clunkiness of trying anything new. There are however variations of the tried and tested positions that can make all the difference. Sex of course doesn’t even have to be about penetration, and can obviously involve partners of the same sex or genital configuration. Just pick what applies to you!

Why would you try a new sex position with your partner?

I’m always pleased to hear when couples already have a variety of sex positions they are familiar with, and engage in. In all likelihood, that means that several sex positions are taken in the same love making session, which helps with creating a variety of sensations (and views!), and are likely to engage more of the body. Trying a new position can actually be fun, and allow for giggles, when we let go of perfectionism, and also allow ourselves to be seen from different angles. It can bring playfulness and lightheartedness to sex. It may also provide an opportunity to try sex in completely different settings, like in the kitchen, or in the living room.

Sex positions that are impossible, or don’t deliver!

In case you wonder, Kama Sutra positions depict transformative states, so can’t be taken literally! However, there are modern depictions of sex positions that are also just not possible, or don’t deliver the desired result. People of all ages, body shapes and physical abilities have sex, and sex positions may be determined by what’s actually physically possible for each individual! I encourage couples to be inventive, and use aids like wedges, pillows, and consider other furniture than the bed. There is also designated furniture for sex.

Spicing up good ol’ missionary position

First of all, I would really recommend to every woman (or other vagina owner) to try a harness for pegging at some point, if your partner is willing – it really makes us appreciate the strength and stamina needed for penetrative sex that men (and other penis owners) need to muster, not to mention staying erect and managing arousal at the same time! Let’s talk about the well-known missionary sex position. There are several variations of it, but basically it comprises the couple facing each other and the man being on top. This position is a beautiful romantic one because it allows for eye contact and kissing during penetration. I would suggest for the woman (or the person underneath) to keep their feet on the surface, because it facilitates moving the pelvis, which is somewhat difficult if you have your legs next to your ears, or over your partner’s shoulders. Active moving is really important in this position, and the underneath partner can move their pelvis to facilitate different penetrations angles and depths, pull their partner’s pelvis towards them, and stroke their back and buttocks. A wedge or pillow placed under the bottom partner’s pelvis makes this easier, and often creates a better fit. Women can also close and stretch out their legs between their partner’s legs for enhanced clitoral stimulation.

Rub and Suck

When giving your penis owning partner oral sex, with them lying on their back, try straddling one of their legs and rub your vulva on it. Depending on how your bodies fit, you can also try rubbing on their foot. Communicate with your partner for ease and comfort. Apply lube to your vulva to make this truly wonderful!

Be the Queen!

As a vulva owner, you may want to try face-sitting, or Queening, positions if your partner is up for it. This can be a kinky turn-on of power play, however make sure that your partner is still breathing! When you straddle your partner, it allows for vulva or anal stimulation, and you can experiment with facing away or towards your partner’s feet. This is a very powerful position, and allows for being seen from up close, so your partner might really enjoy this!

From Spooning to Penetration

Do you love to cuddle before sex? Lying on your side with your partner behind you allows for close and cosy body connection that may lead to turn-on. Both anal and vaginal penetration are possible if you move your upper body away from your partner. Take your pillow with you, to still be comfortable! This is also a great position for heavier body shapes.

How to introduce a new position to your partner

It really depends on both of you and your sexual dynamic to introduce a new sex position. It can be quite hot if your partner takes initiative and introduces a new position during lovemaking, giving you instructions about what to do. Even then, both partners have a say of course, and consent is paramount at all times. You can also introduce a new sex position by talking about it beforehand, and see if your partner would be up for it. You can also try a new position fully clothed first, which can be really fun, and make you look forward to trying it unclothed. I help couples communicate about desires and make suggestions. Enjoy!