Intimacy Coaching in Times of Turmoil – Embracing the New Paradigm

Intimacy Coaching in Times of Turmoil

Everyone, including Intimacy Coaches like me, has felt the debilitating impact of our current crisis. Where does Intimacy Coaching come in, and can it free us up to embrace a future we can look forward to?

“God knows what is going on. There is no grip, it’s bizarre.” This is not me speaking, but Huw Merriman, senior Conservative MP, commenting on recent U-turns in government regulations.

This may reflect what a lot of us are feeling these days.

What started with coming to terms with lockdown reality, putting our lives on hold, unprecedented all over the world, moving everything including Intimacy Coaching online, feeling and witnessing waves of fear, has now turned into weariness, the slow dawning of truth, and yearning for freedom and justice. When so much of what we put our trust in is being overhauled, and proven wrong these days, it is actually a great chance to come back to ourselves. Whenever we see people in these times standing up, with integrity, and speaking their truth, it touches our hearts. How can we find back to being impeccable, to be aligned with our own truth, and act accordingly?

This is where good coaching comes in. There is a tendency to avoid intimacy with ourselves, in order to avoid feeling pain. And yet, these days, when we yearn to be intimate with our innate Self, which can be felt, and which reaches far beyond our Ego, we want to put our current situation into the context of the purpose and meaning of our lives, in this world. Can our bodies show us the way?

There is an old paradigm, in coaching, and marketing, and everywhere, and it goes like this: “I tell you what you need, what’s wrong with you, because you are not enough. Take my program, buy my product, and it will make you better/happy/successful/rich/perfect.” It’s based on the feeling and the fear that there is something fundamentally wrong with us. However, a new paradigm of coaching is gaining ground, and Intimacy Coaching is at the core of it. It seems that a greater and greater number of people are yearning to make sense of it all, of this life, and the world. They are turning to Intimacy Coaches like me, who help them feel and listen into themselves. There is an inner law and wisdom in all of us.

Rather than telling you what to do I can help you find out what your own truth is. We are trained to be out of touch with ourselves, and also take refuge in distractions, and this also takes a toll on our relationships with our partners. A fearless encounter with our own Selves can pave the way to aligning with our innate power and purpose – and it’s our body wisdom that can lead and guide us. Only when we can be truly intimate with ourselves, we can be intimate with our partners, too.

In situations like these, where people don’t know what or who to believe any more, our inner wisdom is called upon, not just for grounding and as an antidote to fear-mongering, but as guidance through times of turmoil. May we all step into our innate Truth, and act with Integrity, because this is what the world needs. Now more than ever.