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Beyond Physical Intimacy

Expert intimacy Coaching and Sexological Bodywork in my Central London practice, and via Zoom.

The Role Of An Intimacy Coach Is To Help You Feel Safe And Comfortable Being Close To An Intimate Partner. It’s Not Just About Physical Intimacy, It Can Also Be About Emotional Intimacy.​

Childhood environments don’t always manage to teach us to feel relaxed and comfortable being in close proximity to others. We may desire intimacy but our fear may get in the way. An intimacy coach can help you get over those fears. They are a person that you can safely practice with. An intimacy coach will never judge you, and therefore, without the fear of being judged, it will be much easier for you to practice intimacy.

Stella offers somatic intimacy coaching in her practice in Central London and online, for individuals and couples.

How Can I Help You?

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Find Yourself Through Intimacy

Intimacy coaching usually starts with the question: What do I truly enjoy? Only by being intimate with ourselves do we have a chance of communicating our preferences to partners. In order to grow we need to show up as the person we are, rather than as the person we think we are supposed to be.

A good pathway to our true Self is our desires. Our sexual blueprints and sexual preferences pave the way to being intimate with ourselves, if we take the time to enjoy them with all our senses.

Intimacy coaching brings us in touch with ourselves and cultivates the ability to be seen for who we are, rather than presenting a mask to the world. In order to get close to others, and be intimate, we need to reveal ourselves to a certain extent. We need to risk rejection, and being vulnerable.

Intimacy can only be created by taking risks, and it takes practice to become resilient to different responses. Where do we judge others, and where do we judge ourselves? How can we open up to loving ourselves and others better?

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Intimacy Problems for Digisexuals

Honesty and vulnerability are keys to intimacy, but in our increasingly internet-based society a great number of people have their online persona, and keep their private one well hidden. As a result of the increased use of online porn a new type of sexual blueprint has emerged: the Digisexual, a person who deals with their sexuality by themselves, without a partner, but with the help of online resources. Digisexuals can find intimacy difficult because when an actual human, face-to-face-partner interaction is desired, the step from solo sex to partnered sex can be huge.

Stella is an Intimacy Coach in London and Online

Stella offers sex coaching at her practice in Central London and online, for individuals and couples.

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