Keeping Sex fun while Trying to Conceive - TTC with Intimacy Coaching

Intimacy Coaching and TTC

Intimacy Coaching can help Couples who TTC

Getting really serious about having a baby does not mean you have to get all goal oriented about sex itself, and kill the fun. This could be the time to actually look at what’s hot for you, and what’s not, and to have a conversation with your partner about it. As an intimacy Coach, I know that we all have different things that turn us on, so find below a smorgasbord of ideas, to get into the mood, and play!

Your Intimacy Coach asks: Ever Explored Doggy Style?

Doggy style is a great position to conceive, so if that technique is a turn-on for both of you, the better! Doggy style also means that buttocks are exposed and up in the air, so if you are thus inclined, you may want to experiment with light impact play. Whether it’s slapping with your hand, or using paddles, there are three things to consider. First of all, use soft touch on the buttocks and also along the back, to wake up the touch sensors, and make them interested. It’s a good idea to vary the dynamics between very soft, and sudden strong impact. Surprise!

Make sure and aim for the sweet spot. When you draw a line between the buttocks and thighs, the sweet spot is about an inch in from the midline, so closer to the genitals than to the outside. Ask your partner for the impact level that just feels right, a great way to do that is to use a scale of impact, 1-10, and you want to be at 6-8 for your partner. Make sure to communicate, so it’s fun for both of you.

Ask your partner to pamper to your senses. 

This takes a willing intimacy companion, a bit of preparation, and a blindfold! Intimacy coaches know that catering to the senses feels great, and can be a wonderful turn-on, particularly in female sexuality. You need to make a really comfortable place in your bed, where you can recline like a queen. Make sure to have a table nearby, with everything you need, interesting fruit, chocolate, essential oils you like, chimes, and touch toys. You may also ask your partner to prepare some candles, and a feast for the eyes once you take your blindfold off. We start with the sense of smell. Your partner starts to approach your nostrils with essential oils, and then changes to the scent of fruit. You guessed it, that leads us taste! For touch, try different temperatures, like metal objects – they live in the kitchen perhaps – or soft feathers or fabrics. Your partner may also tease you with making his body available at times. Chimes or little bells can be quite magical at this point, to cater to the sense of hearing. Once you take your blindfold off, enjoy the little feast prepared for you, and the sight of your partner, draped into something beautiful and sexy.

Browse a sex shop together to get new ideas.

Eroticism and turn-ons are a lifelong journey of discovery, and intimacy coaches help you find out about them! When browsing for sex toys you may realise what you and your partner are drawn to. Whether it’s a new vibrator to play with together, sensation toys, role play props, or lingerie, it’s a great sex conversation starter, and may well lead to steamy lovemaking. 

Explore Erotic Art and Literature – your Intimacy Coach recommends!

Erotic material does not have to equal porn! Whether it’s ancient Indian woodcuts, erotic photography, paintings or drawings, researching together and talking about your preferences can be a lot of fun, and a great way to get into the mood. Enjoy!

I recommend the resources on Fertility Help Hub, you can find them on and IG: @fertililty_help_hub. They collaborate with intimacy coaches like me. 

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