Ladies: These three minutes bring your power and sensuality back instantly

feminine sexual power

It is Winter Solstice today, and with all the Christmas Parties going on, and all the good things to eat and drink before Christmas, it’s a good time to re-connect to our senses and our sensuality, this time focussing on our navel, and we shall really do some navel gazing, so step in front of a mirror, pull up your dress or sweater and just look at your beautiful feminine midriff.

For a lot of us, this alone is so healing.

Let go of all the thoughts about how the media tells us we should be. Stand there, legs wide apart, and start giving yourself a lovely belly massage, clockwise, with tenderness and appreciation. Make your breath audible while you do that, and gradually let your hips sway from side to side, while you carry on with the massage.

Women are the life-giving gender, this being the MAIN reason why men gravitate towards us. Our genitals are open to the earth, in direct communication. Keep this in mind, while you sway, and breathe, and massage, and admire yourself in the mirror.

As women, we have the unique ability to heal men, and the world, just by connecting to our femininity and our sensuality. Really feel what you can do, your power, how we can make a change just standing in front of this mirror.

Now imagine that you suck up energy from the earth via your genitals while you breathe in, and exhale this energy as a blessing to the world, out of your breasts, radiating healing and nourishment, and nourishing yourself on the way. Carry on for a minute or so. See? We’ve just turned ourselves into Earth goddesses.

Thank you for smiling and enjoying, and giving your Self and the world joy and pleasure.

Stella, with Love.

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