Let’s talk Curvatures in C*cks - most are not Peyronie’s!

penile curvature peyronie's

Most penile Curvatures are normal – not Peyronie’s

Most men have a slight curvature in their c*ck. Curvatures are normal, and can be to either side, or up, or down. These curvatures usually show up when the penis is erect. Unless there is pain, or it causes other performance issues, or the curvature is more than 30 degrees (watch out for Peyronies disease in these cases), there is nothing to worry about, particularly if the curvature is congenital, so has been present for as long as you remember.

Penile Tip Curvatures

I sometimes come across tip curvatures in my practice, which can be related to the tip failing to get fully erect. Sometimes, curvatures seem to be due to masturbation practices. Early masturbation in boys and girls can be surprisingly similar, with the child rubbing itself on a toy, on a bed or on a piece of furniture, often fully clothed. When teenage masturbation in boys is continued inside clothes only, curvatures may occur, because there is neither room nor need for the penis to be straight and fully erect. In my masturbation coaching sessions, I often encourage men to touch their penis with their hands, and also to stretch it into different directions while stimulating it.

Reasons for Penile Curvatures and Peyronie’s disease

When penile curvatures occur later in life, and have not been present before, there are a number of reasons. There can be plaque present or scar tissue, which you may be able to feel in some areas, resulting from injuries or past surgery. Other curvatures are psychogenic and can show up after prolonged stressful life periods. Some medications can also cause Peyronies.

I think I may have Peyronie’s – should I see a urologist?

I always encourage people to get medical opinions and see what treatments are available. This does not preclude possible inexpensive home treatments for any kind of c*ck curvatures. Check with your doctor if you are not sure, but be aware that your urologist may know very little about castor oil and its uses. I learnt in my Sexological Bodywork training the important role of Castor Oil to reduce scar tissue, but only recently had the chance to apply it in a session for a mild curvature. Organic Castor Oil is available at grocery stores, and is best known as a natural treatment for constipation, however it can be applied topically for massage and in packs. For such an inexpensive and down-to-earth treatment I was actually really surprised about what a difference it can make, and fast, too, so you may want to try it, too. You can massage your c*ck with warm castor oil in the morning and in the evening for 10 minutes, making sure to include the area with the scar tissue, if it’s present and palpable. Some men swear by additional overnight packs. You may need to wear an old pair of underwear, as the oil is very thick and can stain. Isn’t this a lovely prescription – intimate self touch, morning and night! Enjoy!

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