Liberate Your Libido

A 7-Week online course for Men for more Pleasure and Conscious Love Making to Self, and Others

It must have been around 2017 when I first noticed that about 60% of my male clients wanted to learn how to last longer for themselves and/or their partners.

Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Coaching are holistic methods, and comprise an initial redirection from the issue of ejaculating earlier than the men wanted to, to pleasure education, and becoming aware of what their body feels like at each stage of arousal, which is the prerequisite for edging.

What I taught the men was conscious masturbation, getting in touch with how their body works, and how to discover new realms of pleasure that were at their disposal.

Even though performance issues were very often the reason why men contacted me for coaching, I noticed that these issues get solved in an indirect way, via focussing on pleasure education and body awareness. 

This course is not just about Lasting Longer – it’s about finding a more profound relationship with pleasure and sexuality.

You may say that this post-lockdown period is not a time to invest in learning about your sexuality. You may also think that you can’t currently afford this course.

The good thing about this lockdown period is that we got stopped in our tracks, and need to re-evaluate what’s important to us.

Society tells us that pleasure is negligible, something you do in your private time when your day is done. Lovemaking does not make it on the agenda.

What if you put yourself on the to-do list?

What if you insisted that making love to yourself and your partners is very very important, and may be at the core of your joy and life satisfaction?

Liberate your Libido Plus is a 7-Week Course for Men based on my comprehensive E-Book comprising 80% of the practical tools I use in one-to-one sessions in my Somatic Sex Coaching practice in Central London. Each week you will receive an e-mail with the link to the next learning module. I will guide you through this E-Book in bite size chunks, and ask questions to engage with the material, and implement the learning. Additionally, I offer 3 group coaching online sessions in September and October (Sept 26th, October 3rd and 10th, 11am -12pm).

I also offer a very affordable alternative to the group coaching option – a 7-week guided self study course.

You will receive the link to the E-Book, and then weekly emails that will guide you through the course, with questions at the end of each of the modules.

The online group coaching sessions of Liberate your Libido Plus are a way to summarise your progress, open discussion with other participants, ask questions, and get some feedback.

This comprehensive course is aimed at men who would like to re-invent their self pleasuring practice, and become an even better lover for themselves and their partners, with particular view to lasting longer, and have more satisfying penetrative sex.

In this course you can:

  • Find new fun ways of making love with yourself
  • Reflect on messages you got about pleasure,
  • Unlearn negative conditioning you might have received about sexuality and self-pleasuring
  • Learn to relax about performance
  • Learn sophisticated tools to regulate your arousal
  • Find ways of using porn involving more of your senses than just the visual
  • Stay in the moment and enjoy
  • Shift the focus from goal to pleasure
  • Learn to surf the edge of arousal, and smile!
  • Become an even better lover for yourself and your partners


What would your life be like if masturbating would be lovemaking with yourself, something you look forward to, take time for and truly enjoy? What if it involved all of yourself, and be a joyful celebration of you and your life?

What would it be like for your partner if your lovemaking became even more expansive and joyful for both of you?

Is that something you would like?

Most people masturbate the same way from the time they were teenagers. My teacher Joseph Kramer, the founder of Sexological Bodywork, says: ‘Change the way you masturbate, change your life’.

From hundreds of client sessions, I can confirm that!

Now, the tools I use are available for you in the privacy of your own home.

I look forward to working with you!

Guided Self-Study or Group Coaching? 

You will receive regular e-mails for either option, however my group coaching sessions are of great value, and a real incentive to rediscover sexual pleasure, and last longer. 

What Past Participants are saying

Don’t just take it from me, let the men do the talking!

“The breath work, the opening of the pelvis, getting sexuality out of the shadow and into everyday life in the natural embodied way I have learnt from you, to me all this seems fundamentally important and intrinsic to life.  Your course has shown to me a world I didn’t know was there (and I think that many people may not know of this world).”

Participant from May 2020

“I am feeling delighted about something I did and experienced on Sunday and would like to describe it to you here. […]

Thank you so much for this course. I see that I can change my life with it.”

Participant from May 2020

“I was playing with contractions of my pelvic floor as you recommended, and I found an area I could contract subtly (I needed to breathe gently so I could find it), not in my pelvic floor but much deeper inside my pelvis.  Doing this I received very deeply pleasurable feelings, and my body, limbs, twitched, shook several times. I wonder whether I was stimulating my prostate?”

Participant from May 2020

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