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Following our series of four events in 2016, and a weekend workshop in October, which was focusing on enhancing our love making skills by looking at our own touch preferences in detail, rediscovering the pleasure of touch via sensation in our hands, and bringing our newly acquired skills into erotic and sensual touch, we are now stating a series of semi private events for heterosexual men. We were looking at similarities and differences between erotic touch for men and women, and at intimate touch.

The first and foremost factor in being a masterful lover is the Quality of your Touch. I’ve seen miracle transformation happening with just a little learning in that area, and this may improve your intimate relations to a degree you would not have thought possible. Of course, there are certain specific strokes and techniques – we ll come to those in later workshops as well – however conscious touch is the prerequisite for all of these. The foundations for this series is Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent and her 3-Minute-Game. I know, and have studied with, Betty Martin in person. Have a look at her website, where a great number of excellent videos are available to view, free of charge.

We had a lecture-style intro evening on April 20th 2016. here is some feedback by participants:

“I almost died, you know? I discovered a new erogenous zone I did not know about…”  (male participant)

“It was a pleasure to participate in such an insightful evening exploring touch and reflecting upon our experiences. Simple yet sophisticated exercises leading to expansion of mind and body and therefore a more conscious way to touch and relate.” (female participant)


Semi-private Master Lovers Experience for Men

Applications are now open for our London Master Lovers March 2017 event.

This is a semi private group for six heterosexual men only, who would like to learn about their touch preferences, and enhance their touch skills, via Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent, and related exercises, learn how to sensually touch a woman, learn about female intimate anatomy, and witness a live demonstration of an intimate massage on a woman.

Being comfortable with our partners’ sexuality requires being at ease with our own desires.

Participants must be willing to touch the other participants’ hands and arms, else, no mutual touch is required. Self-touch, including intimate self touch over clothes, may be part of this workshop, arousal is welcome, but not required.

We will explore the heart-genital connection via breath.

I will also facilitate a confidential sharing circle where men can ask and report about their experiences with female arousal, and what worked well, and what didn’t, and what they would like to improve and learn.

If you are interested in participating in this workshop,

please write an e-mail to, describing your current personal situation and brief personal history in intimate relating to women, and what you ideally would like to to be/feel/have by the end of the workshop.

Saturday March 11th 2017, 2pm-6pm, £80, in East London, Leyton

6 + 4 =

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