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Why do women masturbate

Why do Women Masturbate?

Why do Women Masturbate? Why Do Women masturbate?  It’s not only because they feel horny! According to this article in the Metro, there is a plethora

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Liberate your Libido – in Lockdown?

Yet another three extra weeks of lockdown have been announced today. Hopefully, this post finds you and your loved ones healthy and as happy as can be, in these circumstances. This lockdown may look very different depending on whether you are with your partner, with…

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Fake Orgasms, better sex

Is your Partner Faking Orgasm?

Both women & men sometimes fake orgasms or exaggerate their levels of sexual pleasure. Why? Find out how to avoid this through good communication, so you both get what you want!

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Quick Tips for a Sexy Valentine’s

Take the pressure off yourself this year, with my quick tips for a sexy Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s with a partner? Plan a sensual date with your partner. This can be a lot of fun and may even involve some preparation beforehand: sexting, going to a sex shop together…

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sex life empowered sexualy confident

Are you Sexually Confident?

Something many people want to know is how they can feel more empowered and confident in their sex life. One reason for that people don’t feel confident or empowered is that in our society, there is still a lot of shame and judgement concerning sexuality, particularly…

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Perfection in sex coaching for couples

3 Ways That Perfectionism Affects Your Love Life

…And How to Get Intimacy Back Into Your Love Making Why would Perfectionism be a matter for a sex coach? Perfectionism has steadily increased in the past 27 years, and is still on the rise (Thomas Curran & Andrew P. Hill, 2019). Perfectionism is not limited to…

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sex therapist London or sex coach london

Should I see a Sex Therapist or a Sex Coach?

Good question! Most people don’t know the difference between what a sex therapist does and what a sex coach does. They usually guess that a sex therapist talks you through a therapy process and a sex coach coaches you through a sex process, but is that right? Sort of…

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ask for consent sex

The Art of Asking for Consent

‘Since I started asking for consent every step of the way I don’t seem to get to have sex any more’, a conscientious friend confided in me a year back. Is asking for consent a turn off? There has been a huge learning curve over the past forty years since women started…

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premature ejaculation stamina sex coaching in London

Want to Last Longer?

This must be one of the most frequent issues male clients ask me for help with. Dear Women, in case you didn’t know, please take note of this: Men have a lot more work to do than women when it comes to heterosexual intercourse, While I don’t want to say that…

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london sex coaching therapy

The S-Word in Sex Coaching. Embodiment, and Silliness.

‘If my mother could see me now. She would say, how silly are you, doing anything like that.’ My female sex coaching client is lying on her back, naked, while I’m sitting fully dressed between her legs and mapping her vulva and vagina. I point out to her that her…

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