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Advanced Touch and Communication Skills for Love making

Following Stella’s series of four Master Lovers evening events and a Master Lovers weekend workshop in 2016, a semi-private Men’s workshop in March 2017, which were focusing on enhancing love making skills by looking at your own touch preferences in detail, rediscovering the pleasure of touch via sensation in your hands, and bringing your newly acquired skills into erotic and sensual touch, Stella is now offering a Sensual Sunday Afternoon for Couples. Additionally, master vital communication tools for couples, in our day workshop Pillow Talk.

The first and foremost factor in being a masterful lover is the Quality of your Touch. Stella has seen miracle transformation happening with just a little learning in that area, and this may improve your intimate relations to a degree you would not have thought possible. Of course, there are certain specific strokes and techniques – we’ll come to those in later workshops as well – however conscious touch is the prerequisite for all of these. The foundations for this series is Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent and her 3-Minute-Game. Stella knows, and has studied with, Betty Martin in person. Have a look at her website, where a great number of excellent videos are available to view, free of charge.

There was a lecture-style intro evening on April 20th 2016. here is some feedback by participants:

“I almost died, you know? I discovered a new erogenous zone I did not know about…”  (male participant)

“It was a pleasure to participate in such an insightful evening exploring touch and reflecting upon our experiences. Simple yet sophisticated exercises leading to expansion of mind and body and therefore a more conscious way to touch and relate.” (female participant)

This communication mastery course for couples provides essential tools for every relationship.  It is the pathway to cultivating love and conscious growth with your partner every day. You will explore the effect of ‘magic phrases’ in intentional dialogues, and become aware of any ingrained habits that cause pitfalls. Through sensing your own body sensations and emotions you will learn to come into the moment. By deep relaxation and talking about your own experiences you will learn how to connect with your core.  These two skills enable couples to have calm and really meaningful conversations. After learning about your boundaries and how to maintain them, you will find you naturally move from reacting to responding. Then by focussing on listening for its own sake, and avoiding the impulse to reply, respect will be built between you both through feeling understood and not frustrated.  All these positive experiences naturally lead to increased intimacy and trust and a solid sense of growth in the partnership.

We do all this wonderful work through:

  • Exercises that create more intimacy
  • Empathic conversation techniques where both feel heard and understood
  • Learning embodied speaking to really connect from your depth
  • Body-focused relaxation exercises to create a safe space
  • Learning how to initiate and manage potentially difficult conversations
  • Rekindling sexual intimacy through the power of Honesty and Vulnerability
  • Consciously cultivating love every day by positively replacing the common pitfalls of punishing, nagging and criticism
  • Maintaining Boundaries to create and maintain respect
  • Master authentic communication to create growth in your partnership
  • FAQ space! Make this workshop even more relevant by your input. We will ask you once you register, but it s not obligatory of course

This workshop is in a fully clothed setting, and has no intimate touch. Please bring or wear comfy clothes as we will be sitting on backjacks and cushions. Light refreshments including hot and cold drinks will be provided. For best results, please be open to working verbally with others in the room as well as with your partner. Couples or people in a romantic relationship only, please. All genders and sexual orientations welcome.

Sensual Afternoon for Couples

‘We try to have sex at the end of the day, and I’m just not in the mood for it!’ – sounds familiar?

We trust that this Sensual afternoon will inspire you to have many more sensual daytime dates with each other, rekindle what first brought you together, enable you to enjoy without resentment, and discover new pleasures.

Raise your Lovemaking game from Good to Great, and find out things about your partner you never knew!

This is not only the perfect romantic Valentine’s gift, but also a real investment in becoming better lovers. You will improve and fine-tune your skills, delve into your desire for touch and ask for what you really, really want. We will also show you ways to keep the erotic tension alive and vibrant in your relationship even if you have been married for 25 years – or are aiming to be!

This is a semi-private setting, for 3 couples only. You will be exclusively working with your partner. Nudity is optional – please be prepared that others in the room may choose to be naked, however please wear light layers, so you can stay within your boundaries. This workshop is not specific for genital touch, and it is not required.

Dr Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent will be part of this workshop.

Here is what to expect:

  • Rediscover the pleasure of direct Touch
  • Explore your own preferences for giving and receiving
  • Practise Betty Martin’s 3-Minute Touch Game
  • Expand your Scope of Touch
  • Communicate about your desires without fear or resentment
  • Keeping it hot!
  • Erotic Teasing
  • Find new ways to initiate sex
  • Discover the place of sensuality
  • Enjoy being cherished, honoured and pampered
  • Become a Master Lover

Stella is an Intimacy Coach in London and Online

To get more information, please contact me, and we can arrange a complimentary, up to 20 minute phone, skype or zoom consultation.​

I look forward to hearing from you!

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