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Stella is a London-based Sex Coach who helps men, women and couples overcome sexual issues and find greater pleasure in life. Clients come to Stella for a wide range of matters including: to overcome fears, to explore new territory, women who’ve never experienced orgasm, men with performance issues, and couples who want an independent expert to help them feel more comfortable communicating with each other about sex.

Stella also facilitates workshops about consent and both sensual and platonic touch skills, and is also available for keynote speeches.

Born and brought up in Germany and now living in London, Stella worked as a licensed pharmacist (Masters in Public Health) before retraining in Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork to become a sex coach. Having succeeded in two very different careers, Stella has confidently defied the stereotypes, to create a life that allows her to be herself and to help other people also reach their full potential.


Stella in the Media

Stella is regularly featured in media articles. Here are some recent ones.

The Myth of Vagina-centred Sexual Pleasure
_Shift, 2019

Everything to Know About Non-Monogamous Relationships, Including Polyamory, Open Relationships, and More – Polyamory, monogamish, relationship anarchy… What’s the difference?
Men’s Health, 2019

Don’t knock cuddle therapy until you’ve tried it
GQ Magazine, 2018

Vaginismus Behind the Curtain
Voice of London, 2018

Should you have a threesome with your partner? Here’s how it might go
Playground, 2018

What is squirting? The natural expression of women’s pleasure that is often stigmatised
Pink News, 2018

From Stella Anna Sonnenbaum – With Love
Winning Pathways Coaching, 2018


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