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Here is the advantage of feeling less, of being less embodied: You will feel less pain.

Here is the disadvantage: You unfortunately will feel less of everything, and that includes Joy, Happiness, Love and Enthusiasm.


When I started out as a Shiatsu Therapist 25 years ago, I first came across a phenomenon that any bodyworker will confirm: Bodies seem to have different degrees of aliveness. In extreme cases, bodies feel ‘like there is nobody at home’. You can find this phenomenon – a lack of Embodiment – across the spectrum. Male, female, physically active, or mostly sedentary.

Yes – even very sportive people seem to sometimes show the same! The difference is not so much about how much you use your body, but how much you allow yourself to feel in life – and that is not confined to the physical.

Why would you want to embark on Mindful Embodiment Coaching with me?

Here is what a greater degree of Embodiment can do for you:

Greater physical well-being in everything you do. Walking, standing, sitting, moving become adventures, when you learn to open up your senses. Mindfulness coaching gives you invaluable access to profound intelligence that is not located inside your head:

  • learn to listen to the gut and heart intelligence centers – they might tell you something is wrong before your head can make out what it is
  • better timing for important projects
  • take decisions from a more embodied way
  • be liked better by business partners and colleagues
  • be able to relax deeply while doing high intensity work
  • develop embodied listening and communication skills
  • find more joy in life,
  • be a better partner and parent
  • be sexually more attractive

Mindfulness: Make your Brain Embodied

A great number of people consider themselves brains, with bodies attached. The bodies are machines that carry out instructions. Their focus is on ‘outgoing’. Two things, vital for physical well-being, are neglected: constant physical feedback, and sensual pleasures. Head-centered people miss out on a great deal of sensual joy, which is open to us in every moment, whether at work or at leisure. Learn to enjoy your life more with Mindfulness.

Mindfulness Coaching:

Be Relaxed in Any Situation

Mindfulness is a great way to achieve groundedness. What would your life be like if you could feel held, protected and connected, whether at home, at work or at leisure? Learn how to work effectively without throwing your Self overboard. Calm your thoughts. Learn to focus. A great way to achieve this is mindful breathing. Mindfulness Coaching helps you to relax even your thoughts.


Interested? Please write me an e-mail, below, to arrange a FREE phone or skype consultation, and to outline a Path of Action together. Welcome!

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