Liberate your Libido


This is a 7-week online self-study course for men where you can reinvent your self-pleasuring practice to become a better lover, both for yourself and your partner. Via rediscovering your sense of touch, and deepening pleasure via breath, via intimate explorations and arousal awareness, you can break through patterns and social conditioning that may have restricted your solo play and lovemaking. This course is designed to address issues with performance via increased body and pleasure awareness, and aims at ejaculatory choice. On enrolling, you will automatically gain access to the comprehensive handbook with 4 instructional videos, and will then be led through the exercises via weekly emails and questions. 

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In this online self-study course you can:

  • Become an even better lover for yourself and for your partner
  • Find new fun ways of making love with yourself
  • Learn to relax about performance, and surf the edge
  • Shift the focus from goal to pleasure
  • Find ways of using porn involving more of your senses than just the visual
  • Enjoy lovemaking by enhancing ejaculatory choice