Quick Tips for a Sexy Valentine’s

Take the pressure off yourself this year, with my quick tips for a sexy Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s with a partner?

Plan a sensual date with your partner. This can be a lot of fun and may even involve some preparation beforehand: sexting, going to a sex shop together to get some ideas for role play, or to buy a new toy.

On your date take turns, say, 20-30 minutes – for each partner to receive. Let the receiving partner take the lead, and communicate until they get exactly what they want. The giver can check-in by asking: “Like this?” This helps avoid feedback sounding like criticism. (If you’d like some help with this then try a couples sex coaching session with me.)


Currently single?

Single can be sexy too! How about planning a Self Pampering day, alone or with friends? Have a facial, or go to the spa, get a nice massage, or your nails done. In our busy lives, it’s such a luxury to just take time for ourselves, and connect with our senses.

You may not even want to leave the house – adorn your place with beautiful scents and flowers, and have a rose petal bath, feeling like a queen, then settle down on your soft bed, put music on, have your favourite choc/delicacy nearby, and take time to enjoy yourself, starting with all over touch.

A really important part of healthy sexual expression is being able to experiment in order to find out what gives you pleasure. And you can do this on your own, just as well as you can with others. Give yourself a sensual date night –  take time out to listen to how your body wants to be pleasured, perhaps try something new, and see how it feels.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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