Touch and Pleasure based Relationship Coaching for Couples

Learn to Communicate about your Preferences, and Rediscover Intimacy in your Relationship

Touch and Pleasure based Relationship Coaching

can do wonders for your Relationship!


Whether you currently have sex in your relationship or not, you may want to find new ways of communicating about sensual or sexual preferences, and find new ways to be intimate with each other.

Sometimes, the demands of daily life get into the way of enjoying each other’s company, taking time for each other, give and receive loving touch, and be intimate with the one you love most.

Book your first Touch and Pleasure based relationship coaching session. You may find that you would like to touch each other more, or simply get ideas to find more time for each other, beyond managing the demands of family and everyday life.

This kind of Relationship Coaching will help to rediscover your pleasure in your own body, and offers simple and sophisticated tools and techniques to give pleasure to your Beloved, or to receive.

You may choose to remove your clothing in these relationship sessions, depending on our educational contract, however, neither nudity nor intimate touch are in any way mandatory. Rest assured that both of you will have agency at all times.

Touch and pleasure based Relationship Coaching is a great investment in your relationship! Simply fill out the contact form below, and arrange a FREE initial phone or Skype session of up to 20 minutes with me, to outline your development goals. I look forward to hearing from you.

Heterosexual Couples are welcome, as well as Same Sex Couples, or Polyamory Triads, etc. 

All sessions are tailored to suit your learning goals. They can be in a talking setting with somatic elements, or involve touch facilitation, including touching your partner intimately.

Here are possible contents for your session: 


Learn to Pleasure Her

This session can start fully clothed, and then you can take off as many clothes as you like. Find your authentic Yes’s and No’s with each other, and learn about specific strokes she enjoys.

Feel free to explore either sensual areas all over your body, or allow your partner to touch you intimately with your constant feedback, and my expert guidance. Discover erectile tissue and pleasure zones you never knew about, be it between your toes, around your ears, or in more intimate areas.

Touch and Pleasure Relationship Coaching focusses on YOUR pleasure, and will show you what you enjoy, what you don’t, and how to communicate it to your partner.

This session is sure to put a smile on her face.

Learn to Pleasure Him

This session can include anal and prostate massage tuition, or focus on non-intimate areas only.

I would usually suggest to start fully clothed, and try a few strokes in non-intimate areas, before you can then choose to remove clothes, according to our educational contract.

Touch and Pleasure based Relationship Coaching is about honest and fearless communication about your desires, and also an exploratory journey into what you enjoy. Discover new erogenous zones you did not know about, or focus on a specific area where you would like to explore your sensations with your partner.

Learn the Art of Touch

This session can be fully clothed, and helps you enhance your touch, and your openness for pleasure.

All too often, we rely on prescribed or learned procedures when it comes to touching each other, and need to re-discover the excitement and aliveness of sensation.

Touch is vital for love making, and erotic touch needs to be learned and experienced.

Very simple tools and techiques can help you re-awaken the pleasure you take in touch for its own sake, and give your partner sensual thrills.

Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent

This is a great starter for any Touch and Pleasure Relationship Coaching Session. We will use Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent to explore your touch preferences and then proceed to play her 3-Minute Game, consisting of two questions: ‘How would you like me to touch you for 3 minutes?’ and ‘How would you like to touch ME for 3 minutes?’.

Beyond trying to please your partner, or fear they might be bored, you dive into your own pleasure, and learn to enjoy yourself, and then learn about your partner’s preferences. Prepare to be surprised!

This is also a great resource to take into your own sensual dates at home.

My partner and I had been together for ten years. When we met we were both in a creative place with expressing our musical abilities me with singing him with song writing and playing guitar and in our first two years we collaborated and performed together. We also had a passionate emotional and sexual connection and would spend all weekend in bed making love and though we might argue over day to day issues it felt like our creative and erotic connections were good.

We moved in together within 9 months of meeting and this was difficult as we could not resolve how to operate as a couple and work out domestic and organisational issues. I felt like I was carrying all the responsibility and he felt I was obsessed and controlling him.

We married 3 years into the relationship. I thought this would make us more solid and help us to work things out but it just seemed to push us apart and the sex and intimacy seemed to grow more and more infrequent.

By the time we met Stella we had not been sexually intimate for over a year and I felt quite hopeless about this.

Stella was so attuned, holding, skilled and sensitive to our needs. She creates a very safe space. She talked with us all the way through. Rob felt anxious before he arrived but Stella’s calm present energy and non judgemental approach drew him out of himself and into connection with me. She regularly made sure that we felt heard and attuned to by checking in with us.

She is a great active listener, not only hears words but the tone and expression behind the words and checks in with you. She has a gentle curiousity which really helped Rob to open up about his sexual fears and hang ups. She helped Rob to see that he had a harsh inner critic and that he could talk more kindly to himself. She guided Rob from fear to love and guided me and Rob to reconnect physically, spiritually and emotionally in a way that we hadn’t for a long time.

She did this with a great deal of care about our comfortability and how we felt and how she was with us, what our hard and soft boundaries were (I was happy to go to bra and knickers) Rob wanted to be clothed. What our intentions were- I wanted to feel like a rose and a goddess and to be touched sensually and erotically. Rob wanted to connect to his body and to connect to me.

She lead a body meditation to connect with our pelvis’s with breath and a grounding balloon, and we rubbed our hands together and gave our bodies (individually ) ravishing touch and love. With each exercise we were asked what we felt and were supported to open, talk and ground ourselves.

Then Stella went through the wheel of consent. We realised that we had been stuck in a position of me giving cuddles to Rob whereas I was longing to be taken and ravished by him.

He had a big amount of shadow worries about being a perpetrator and rapist if he took on being a “taker” and ravishing me. He also did not feel confident about taking in a way that I would like but she reassured him by saying he could tell me what he was about to do which meant I could always say “no”. And she reminded us that we could always check in with each other.

Stella did a brilliant job of facilitation by getting us to hear each other and repeating back what we heard. So I really was able to take on board that Rob did long for me and wanted to touch me and this made me feel important to him. Rob really heard how big his erotic touch was for me and that made him feel in balance and equal with me. He felt needed and wanted. These were revelations to both of us.

Then we went into a divine and beautiful bedroom with low relaxing music. Again Stella asked us where we wanted her to be and we guided her.

She then guided Rob how to use proximity and distance and slow and fast movements to strip me of my clothes in front of a mirror. It was delicious, erotic and divine and Rob felt confident and empowered.

She then guided us to the bed where she asked him to roll me over a few times and stroke me and asked me to give feedback on what I wanted. Rob remembered other times that he felt confident to be empowered with me and I remembered something that had happened that had Shut me down a year ago.

Rob touched me warmly powerfully and sensually and I felt loved and ravished and he felt good about this.

She offered other textures to play with and he used a feather duster which was sensually out of this world for me and for him it was playful, creative and fun.

Then she guided us to have tea at the Charlotte Hotel where we lounged, played and enjoyed our sparkling connection for a few hours.

We now feel more connected, Rob feels more compassionate to himself and I feel a genuine level of hope that we can create this in our lives in a gentle way. I feel patient and loving and I can see how I can be more present and Rob seems way more steady, balanced and calm.

I can see how getting resourced by the lovely Stella was crucial to helping us back on the road of love. Thank you dear Stella we really appreciate you and will be recommending you to many couples.

Sam and her partner Rob

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