Sex Coaching for Gender Fluid/Non-Binary/Other Identified People

Whichever your Gender Identification or Genital Configuration, you are Welcome Here

I can work with you on any issue around your Sexuality or your sensual exploration. You are welcome by yourself, or with your partner(s).

Rest assured to find a non-judgmental and open-minded setting to work on any issue or development goal in the areas of touch education, communication about preferences and boundaries, exploring your own pleasure, or those of your partner(s), or overcome specific issues.

You know that body based coaching for gender-fluid, non-binary or other identified people is not just about remembering your preferred pronoun, but about respecting your uniqueness and preferences, and it helps to have a well-versed and experienced session facilitator, where you have agency at all times, and can feel at ease to explore.

Whatever your gender identification or sexual orientation, I am happy to be your skilled, fully aware, present and respectful guide towards more and deeply felt sensation, getting into tune with yourself, or to overcome specific issues in the areas of sexuality, sensuality, or communication about intimate matters.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Free Consultation


To get more information, please contact me, and we can arrange a complimentary, up to 20 minute phone, skype or zoom consultation.

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I look forward to hearing from you!


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