Sex Coach in London


I provide individual coaching sessions for women, men, couples, and people of any gender, or sexual orientation, in central London UK (or via Skype).

I’m a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and a Certified Somatic Sex Educator, and sessions take place in my practice in Central London, easily accessible by public transport.

Here is a list of the different types of coaching that I provide.


Mindful Embodiment Coaching

Here is the advantage of feeling less, of being less embodied: You will feel less pain.
Here is the disadvantage: You unfortunately will feel less of everything, and that includes Joy, Happiness, Love and Enthusiasm.
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Touch and Pleasure based Relationship Coaching for Couples

Learn to Communicate about your Preferences, and Rediscover Intimacy in your Relationship.
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Sex Coaching for Women

Find your Full Sexual Aliveness, Confidence, and Radiance.
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Sex Coaching for Men

Expert Coaching and Sexological Bodywork in my East London practice, and via Skype: The Fast and Effective Approach to Addressing and Overcoming your Sexual Issues.
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Mindful Embodiment Coaching

Whichever your Gender Identification or Genital Configuration, you are Welcome Here.
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Sexalogical Bodywork

Unlike psychosexual therapy, which is a talking-only modality, Sexological Bodywork can allow for one-way intimate touch, however you remain in charge of the pace and contents of the session at all times.
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