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Would You Like To Be A Better Lover For Your Self And Your Partner?

A great number of men come to see me because they instinctively know that there is more to sexuality than they are currently experiencing. Sex Coaching and Sexological Bodywork can help you to fully inhabit your body, accept yourself with your own unique sexual preferences and needs, learn to overcome shame and communicate about your desires, and acquire tools and techniques to be a better lover, both for yourself, and for your partners. Sex Coaching welcomes to your new YOU, fully alive, open to pleasure, and thriving. These sessions may be hugely positive for ALL areas of your life.


How Can I Help You?

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Premature Ejaculation And Orgasmic Choice​

Ultimately, it is YOU who needs to have the choice when to ejaculate. Premature Ejaculation is defined as ejaculating sooner than you want. Like all with all performance issues, we would first of all look at your personal history with sexuality and intercourse, when Premature Ejaculation first showed up, and work on body and arousal awareness, engaging the entire body in your arousal via breath and movement, and being able to be fully relaxed while fully aroused. We would also look at shifting your view of sexuality to process rather than goal oriented, and pleasure rather than performance.

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Most men experience an inability to get erect at some point in their lives, which may be situational, and transitory. Usually, the ability to get erect is higher at a young age, but not all men experience Erectile Dysfunction at an older age. Sometimes it is a side effect of certain medications, or occurs after surgery, e.g. prostate surgery, however, I have seen men who can get erect even after having most of their prostate removed. We would look your own specific life situation, and also want to make sure that ED is not only a healthy response to an unhealthy life situation, such as being in a relationship which does not serve you any more in any way.

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A number of men find it difficult to achieve ejaculation, particularly with a partner, or in the presence of a partner. We would look at underlying factors, work on relaxation while aroused, body and arousal awareness, and gradually cultivate the feeling of ejaculatory choice. We would also look at shifting the focus on being present in each moment, rather than anticipating ejaculation, or the lack of it.

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Masturbation Coaching and Porn Addiction

We need to be good lovers for ourselves and with ourselves and explore our own preferences before we can be good lovers for partners. If your Masturbation practice is merely functional release, we look at how to turn it into lovemaking sessions with yourself, involving all of your body in its arousal. Porn Addiction may be situational, e.g. due to very exhausting and soul destroying work routines. The approach will aim at finding healthier balances rather than cutting out porn altogether.

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Anal and
Prostate Explorations

Due to social conditioning of the so-called ‘Man Box’, which defines ‘acceptable’ behaviours, a great number of heterosexual men have never experienced anal or prostate pleasures, and are missing out on about half of what may be pleasurable for them erotically. You are welcome to book an session to explore anal and prostate pleasures. I can also provide prostate massage for people who have Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH), where massage is beneficial, and can also help with scar reduction and returning to pleasure after surgery in that area.

Stella is an Intimacy Coach in London and Online

Stella offers sex coaching at her practice in Central London and online, for individuals and couples.

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