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Would you like to experience your Self in Full Sexual Aliveness? Try Sex Coaching for YOU.

Whether to have Sex Coaching to explore your Sexual Fantasies, or address and overcome a very specific issue, you are welcome here as you are. I offer Sex Coaching and Sexological Bodywork in person, and on online (Skype etc.).

Sensual Exploration and Boundaries

A great number of women have never voiced their own desires and preferences. We safely start fully clothed, and by activating our touch and pleasure sensations, and practice remaining frully authentic in your Yes’s and No’s. A fun and explorative session where you can learn about your own pleasure preferences, feel free to explore, and also practice to communicate before and during sex, which is a vital skill. We would typically start the session with tools and techniques based on Betty Martin’s Wheel of consent, and also then proceed to Sexological Bodywork, and you can decide if you want to remain clothed, or not. Depending on the exercises we do, this session can have consential mutual touch, however intimate touch would be one way only, within consent.

Returning to Sex

Not having had sex for a long time, and would like to gain confidence for dating again? Playful sensual and sexual explorations with our own body, and being able to say No at every step on the way, enables us to relax around the issue of sexuality, and to show ourselves as powerful Sexual Beings, who have agency about how and with whom to engage, and to what degree. We can start the session fully clothed, and with an exploration into your sexual and sensual history, and then find an intention for the session from an embodied place. Self-touch exercises, or me touching you, fully clothed or fully undressed, or anything inbetween, this session is about exploring your own plesure and authenticity, and will happen at your own pace.

Orgasm for the First Time Ever?

Whether it’s your first time, or you would like to experience bigger or better orgasms, we would go at your own pace, and playfully explore the orgasmic potential of your entire body. Decide if you want to be clothed or not, use toys, or just fingers, want to be touched intimately by me, or not. Expect a pleasure based session with giggles and excitement, and rest assured that you have agency at all times. We would use breathing exercises to help you relax, and also integrate your entire body in the experience. Welcome!

Painful Intercourse

Pain during penetrative sex can have a number of factors. Sometimes women experience it from the very beginning of their first attempts to have penetration, as a tightening of muscles raround the vagina called vaginismus, at other times it occurs after childbirth, or other significant events. We would need to explore which factors are underlying, and would then embark on a playful exploration of your sensations and your pleasure points. Sometimes, vaginal scarring is the reason for painful sex, which I would reduce with gentle massaging with organic castor oil. Generally we would aim for opening for pleasure, and gradually and gently ease the isuue, so that your body can learn to trust.

Vaginal Mapping

For some reason, a lot of experiences seem to be held in our vaginas, as tension, pain, or tender spots that bring up strange images, and tons of emotions. Vaginal numbness can also be a symptom that can mask pain underneath. This is a very leisurely session of minute mapping of your intimate parts with my gloved fingers, and listening to their unique language. This is also a session suitable alongside psychotherapy or counselling, to overcome specific personal or family trauma. Usually a very deep meditative exploration into the Core of our Feminine Being.

My session with Stella was filled with depth, warmth and also calmness, the perfect antidote to my tendency for anxiety. She held the space beautifully, making me feel so safe and truly held. The session was structured towards achieving a precise outcome, and that is exactly what happened and even more! I was able to tap into my anxieties about my body and relationship with men, with ease because of Stella’s safe and grounded attitude and experience. When doing body work, she always took me back to body and experiences/sensations/emotions, taking away from me my tendency for unnecessary intensity and heady approach, whilst incentivising from myself continuous connection with the body and the other ( in this case, Stella) . I could experience pleasure and became reassured about my anxieties of moving into some kind of relationship with men. She also provided with loads of practical and super valuable advice, as she has deep knowledge about sexuality and sensuality in all its different facets (neurobiology, psychology and spirituality)! I recommend her work wholeheartedly. 


(Female client, June 2019)

Stella is a Sex Coach in London and Online

Stella offers sex coaching from her practice in Central London and also online, for individuals and couples.

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