Sexological Bodywork: Embodied Sex and Relationship Coaching for the 21st Century

sexological bodywork relationship counselling

Career, brilliant.

Kids, oh yes, they are fine.

Marriage happy, and yet….

If you are yearning for more pleasure and enjoyment in life, chances are that I can help you and your relationship to thrive.

You are a Woman who is not sure if you have ever had an orgasm? Or maybe you are experiences vaginal numbness, and a general lack of enthusiasm for sex? Would you like to experience more powerful orgasms?

You are a Man who thinks there must be more to sex then what you are experiencing at the moment, or maybe you are concerned about performance issues?

You are in a Relationship where the desire for each other has somewhat subsided. Do you both want to learn to be better lovers for each other?

I can help you with any of these issues.

Sexological Bodyworkers are hands-on educators who promote awareness, embodiment and physical pleasure.

Via physical touch, coaching, breath and movement we aim to create body epiphanies that might show you a version of your Self you have never encountered before. Dare to embrace and live your ecstatic and radiant Self.

Founded by Joseph Kramer, Ph.D., in 2003, as a new legal profession, Certified Sexological Bodyworkers are now trained and working all over the world. The UK certification is recognized by the state of California/US and Australia.

Reconnect to your Self, and open up to an ecstatic lifestyle that you thought was for the others only. Ecstasy can happen every moment, whether you are driving, are with your Beloved, or in a board meeting.

I will remain fully clothed during sessions, and touch is one way only, to comply with professional regulations.

Sessions take place in my private practice in Central London near Goodge Street station. Skype sessions are also available.

Consultations with Stella

To get more information, about working with me, please contact me, and we can arrange a complimentary, up to 20 minute phone, skype or zoom consultation.

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