Sex Therapist or Sexological Bodyworker – What’s the Difference?

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When running into intimate problems, most people will probably google ’Sex Therapist near me’. But what exactly is a Sex Therapist? And are there any alternatives to seeing a sex therapist? Yes there is an alternative, you could see a sexological bodyworker.

What does a Sex Therapist Do?

Most ‘sex therapists’ are actually psychosexual therapists or counsellors, and offer the typical talk based psychotherapy/counselling setting that normal therapists and counsellors offer, but with a focus on sexuality. Your GP may be able to refer you to a sex therapist, so that’s worth checking out.

In addition to talk therapy, some psychosexual therapists will also use somatic tools. Somatic means ‘body-based’, so somatic therapy involves the body, not just the mind. However, due to their professional code psychosexual therapists, will not touch their clients, and both sex therapist and client remain fully clothed.

What do Sex Coaches Do?

There are two categories of Sex coaches:

  • The standard sex coach who offers the a predominantly talk-based session, and possibly also uses somatic tools.
  • Body-based sex coaches like myself, who have the standard sex coaching training as well as additional training to administer and teach intimate touch in the session.

What does a Sexological Bodyworker Do?

Sexological bodyworkers, on the other hand, are not subject to these restrictions. They offer hands-on coaching sessions if the client wishes. As with sex therapists, sexological bodyworkers see clients who would like to address and overcome issues around sexuality, and performance, or improve on how they communicate to their partner about sex.

Sexological bodyworkers also see clients who are curious about their sexual pleasure and want to gain pleasure expertise in a new field, such as anal or prostate pleasures. Their focus is on coaching and education, not on fulfilling specific pleasure goals, unless those are part of the issue presented.

As the hands-on aspect is optional, coaching sessions with a sexological bodyworker can have a very similar setting to the one that sex therapists use. However, depending on the issue that the client wishes to work on, sessions can include one-way intimate touch with gloved hands.

Sexological bodyworkers aim for what are referred to as ‘body epiphanies’ in the session, where the client’s body has one or several ‘aha’ moments, and learns and integrates something new. These body epiphanies sometimes make sexological bodywork very more effective than sex therapy sessions, because such body epiphanies are not experienced during a sex therapy session, and may not be as readily available during a homework setting. The experience in the session can then give an incentive to continue the exploration at home, which can be particularly helpful for scheduling sensual dates for couples.

Whether the epiphany came about by the sexological bodyworker actually touching the client’s body, or just providing verbal input and feedback about how partners touch each other, the epiphany will change your horizons about what you think pleasure is for you, and open up new pathways.

Stella Is a Sexological Bodyworker

Stella is a somatic sexologist and holds certificates in sexological bodywork and somatic sex education. As well as giving workshops, talks, and lectures, she also sees individuals and couples as a body-based sex coach in her private practice in central London.

Stella is not a sex therapist because she does not have a degree in psychology, medicine or counselling. She does, however, have a masters degree in public health, and deals with most areas that sex therapists deal with. Due to her background as a licensed pharmacist, Stella knows when to refer you to a GP.

Stella deals with a variety of issues, such as decrease of frequency of sex in sexual relationships, vaginismus, erectile dysfunction (depending on the cause), premature and delayed ejaculation, masturbation coaching, body image and shame issues, discovering more sexual pleasure and better orgasms, and finding a way back to sexuality and pleasure after birth and intimate surgery.

sex therapy for couples in London or sexological bodyworker near me in London

Stella works in from her private practice in Central London.

Stella, with Love.

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