Hands-On Coaching - What Sexological Bodywork Is All About, And What It Can Do For You - In London, And Anywhere In The World.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sexological Bodywork in London offers sessions for individuals of all genders and sexual orientations, and for couples/people with their partners. All your info and the session contents are confidential, and only Stella reads your emails.

“I’ve never told this to anyone, not even to my partner.” That is a sentence Stella hears frequently. Human sexuality seems to be full of shameful secrets, only half acknowledged, even by ourselves. London is a stressful city, and Sexological Bodywork can help you get back in touch with your abundant, joyful life force, and with yourself as a sexual being. It may also free you from shame, be it about your body, or about your sexuality.

Body image issues? The media has put undue stress on what we are supposed to look like, and that extends to our intimate bits. This is a completely new phenomenon in society, because these days we look at screens much more than we look at each other. People with normal genitals get worried because they neither look nor perform like porn stars. Sexological Bodywork can give you reassurance that your body and sexuality are normal and beautiful.

High workloads – especially in cities like London – and undue stress make men turn to instant gratification – often porn, and both stress and porn impacts their bedroom skills.

Women in our ‘have it all’ age don’t take time for the arousal of their bodies, and go for quick orgasms instead, often as a stress relief.

Are you married and haven’t had sex for a while, or only once a year? You are not alone… sexless lives and marriages are frequent, however we need to engage with our own bodies in a meaningful way, and Sexological Bodywork can show you how.

Intimate and prostate surgery, childbirth, or accidents and illnesses may affect your life in a way that you may require some coaching to assist you on your path back to sexuality. In truth, Sexological Bodywork is a much-needed hands-on coaching modality, yet little known.

Sexological Bodywork was established as a fully legal profession in 2003 in California by Joseph Kramer. Unlike psychosexual therapy, which is a talking-only modality, Sexological Bodywork can allow for one-way intimate touch, however you remain in charge of the pace and contents of the session at all times.

Homework is crucial – Sexological Bodywork is typically a series of sessions – either in person in my Central London practice, or on Zoom/Skype if you are anywhere else in the world.

When your arrive for your first Sexological Bodywork session in my Central London premises, we will settle on the sofa and have a chat about your endeavor. Then we will do a short, breath meditation so that, from a more embodied place, we can agree on an intention for the session.

I will then suggest exercises and together, we will plan the session contents that will best achieve your personal objective. The session can include talking, bodywork and one-way intimate touch. I will wear nitrile gloves for intimate touch, and I will remain fully clothed throughout.

At the end of the session, I will talk about whether we got to your objective, what the learning outcome is, and how you can implement it realistically into your life.

After your first Sexological Bodywork session in London, you can decide to buy a package of sessions and include the first session in the package.

As Sexological Bodywork allows for touch, many clients experience so-called ‘body epiphanies’ – perceiving and sensing yourself differently from what you thought is possible – and Stella can assure you that this is a frequent phenomenon in Sexological Bodywork sessions. Sexological Bodywork can shift horizons in your self-perception, and opens the way for more expansive pleasure in your life and your relationships.

Our skin is our largest sensory organ in our body, and touch is crucial for lovemaking. At school, we may learn how to prevent unwanted pregnancies or STI’s, but unfortunately, nobody learns how to make love. Sexological Bodywork sessions with Stella in London can teach you how to be a Master Lover both for yourself, and for your partner.

Stella is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and a Certified Somatic Sex Educator, and sessions take place in her practice in Central London, easily accessible by public transport, or online.

Stella looks forward to seeing you for your first Sexological Bodywork session in London!

Initial Consultation

Feel free to contact Stella to arrange your initial Zoom consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you!