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Are you looking for a Sexologist in London?

Do you have a sexual issue you would like to overcome? Stella is a Somatic Sexologist in Central London, and can also help you achieve your learning goals.

Sexologists are professionals who have studied human sexuality in all its aspects. Their original academic degree can be in Sexology itself, or in a related discipline, like medicine or psychology, and an additional qualification in Sexology. Clinical Sexologists can work in research, sex education or with clients as a sex therapist.

Stella is a Somatic Sexologist in London. She has previous academic qualifications (being a licensed pharmacist, and she also holds a Masters in Public Health – TU Berlin). She has qualifications in Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education, and is a Somatic Sexologist, because she has trained for hundreds of hours in these somatic (body based) modalities.

Sexologists are sometimes researchers or public health professionals, whereas Sex Therapists see clients for talk based sessions. Sometimes these terms are synonymous, depending on whether the Sexologist sees clients.

Stella can help clients with very similar issues to what a sex therapist deals with, albeit it with a body based approach.

Clinical Sexologists who see clients are usually talk-based therapy professionals. Somatic Sexologists are Somatic Sex Coaches. They see clients for very similar issues, however their approach is completely different. A clinical sexologist may engage a lot with the clients’ past as a narrative, whereas a somatic (= body-based) sex coach will stay focussed on what the client wants to achieve, in a very practical manner, be it overcoming an issue, or a achieving a learning goal.

Somatic Sexologists as Sex Coaches know that any past experiences are already present in what the body currently experiences, and can be approached and resolved by allowing for conscious experience of the current state, and by allowing the body to find new and wholesome pathways to pleasure.

Somatic Sexologists are Sex Coaches who can also help you achieve learning goals, such as discovering anal pleasures for the first time.

Sexologists who work with clients can help you address and overcome any issue with your sexuality, whether it’s concerning partner sexuality, or issues with solo sex, such as porn addiction.

Sexologists can help you:

  • achieve ejaculatory choice,
  • learn to communicate better with your partner about your touch preferences,
  • overcome vaginismus or vaginal numbness, and
  • achieve more fulfilling orgasms,
  • and much more.

Somatic Sexologists can coach you to achieve sexual learning goals, so you don’t have to have a specific issue to consult them.

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