Somatic Sex Therapy

Looking for a Somatic Sex Therapist?

You may have experienced issues concerning your sexuality for quite a while (maybe for your entire sexually active adult life?) or you may want to consult a Sex Therapist for a more recent problem or learning goal. Either way, this page explains when you should pick a Somatic Sex Therapist over a conventional Sex Therapist.

If you have been to see your GP with your issue, to exclude an underlying medical issue, they may have suggested to refer you to an Psychosexual Therapist (who usually have long waiting times), or to a private Sex Therapist.

Sex Therapy, just like psychosexual therapy, is usually a talking only modality, whereas Somatic Sex Therapy is body based. This makes working on issues or learning goals much more effective.

Stella is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and a Certified Somatic Sex Educator, and works on very similar issues as a Sex Therapist would, in a Sex Coaching setting.

Have you seen a Sex Therapist previously, and still experience the same issue? This is where Somatic Sex Therapy comes in!

Somatic means ‘body’, and even while talking about your issue, the body is an important tool to overcome your issue, or to reach your learning goal. Instead of just talking about your issues we aim for so-called ‘Body Epiphanies’ where your body experiences a new state of being. The body is involved in your learning, and can show you different ways to see yourself and your sexuality.

Issues around sexuality often cause a good deal of worry, and Stella would start each coaching session with a brief check-in, and a short breath meditation to reach an embodied and more grounded state.

Then from that embodied state, you will set an intention for the session: What is the reason you decided to seek advice and help from a Somatic Sex Therapist to begin with? Ideally, what would you like to have, be or feel at the end of the session, or series of sessions?

Somatic Sex Coaching is a little different from Sex Therapy – you remain in charge of the session at all times, and Stella may suggest contents, but would check in with you frequently.

Ideally, you may want to challenge yourself a little bit, but not disregard your level of comfort. In fact, becoming aware of your personal boundaries is an important goal in Somatic Sex Therapy and Coaching.

By the end of the session, Stella will check in with you to hear if your intention or learning goal (why you are seeing a Somatic Sex Therapist in the first place) has been met, and what the learning is that you can implement in your life. Stella would make sure that homework practices can be realistically integrated into your daily life.

Somatic Sex Therapy and Sex Coaching often aim at a change in mindset to bring about ease and pleasure.

Most issues are also suitable for Online Somatic Sex Therapy sessions, both for individuals and couples. A Somatic Sex Therapy session for individuals in person can – but does not have to – comprise one way platonic and/or intimate touch, which can be replicated by self touch or virtual touch in an online session. For couples, Online Somatic Sex Therapy sessions are ideal, as Stella can facilitate and teach the partners about touch, which can be put into practice right away. Any intimate touch would be off camera.

Initial Consultation

Feel free to contact Stella to arrange your initial Zoom consultation.

Stella looks forward to hearing from you!