Somatic sexologist

Most people think that Sexologists are Sex Therapists.

Somatic Sexologists however are usually Sex Coaches who use the body as important tool to address and overcome issues concerning sexuality, in sessions with clients.

A Somatic Sexologist can help individuals and couples address and overcome sexual issues, and improve communication about touch preferences. Somatic Sexologists are usually sex coaches, and can also help with achieving learning goals around sexuality.

Sexologists have studied human sexuality in all its aspects. Their first academic degree may be in Sexology, or in a related subject like medicine, psychology or public health. Sexologists can be researchers, lecturers or public health professionals. Clinical and Somatic Sexologists see clients, and are commonly thought of as sex therapists. Unlike clinical sexologists, somatic sexologists offer a body-based modality, where any narrative is brought back to the present moment, and located and felt in its physical expression and sensation.

‘Somatic’ means ‘body’. While Somatic Sexologists can help you address and overcome very similar issues as a Sex Therapist, Sex Therapy is usually talk based, and sessions do not comprise physical touch. Any physical touch in Sex Therapy is confined to homework tasks, whereas sessions with a Somatic Sexologist can comprise one-way physical, including intimate, touch if needed to address and overcome an issue, or achieve a learning goal.

Somatic Sexologists usually work in a sex coaching rather than in a therapy setting. Generally, Sex Coaches can either offer talk-only sessions, or include the body in a practical way, as Somatic Sexologists do. ‘Somatic’ means ‘body’, and Somatic Sexologists always include the body and its sensations in the sessions, as an important tool to address sexual issues or in order to achieve learning goals.

Somatic Sexologists work with individuals or couples. They usually specialise in specific areas, however, they are trained to help clients overcome a wide variety of issues, such as:

  • performance issues like erectile difficulties,
  • premature or delayed ejaculation,
  • vaginismus,
  • vaginal numbness,
  • lack of libido,
  • shame issues around sexuality,
  • and many more.

Somatic Sexologists can also help to achieve learning goals, and offer masturbation coaching or exploring different areas of sexuality, to enhance the scope of sexual activity, and find more pleasure.

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