Tight foreskin? Phimosis and Circumcision

tight Foreskin phimosis and circumcision

Tight foreskin? Phimosis, and Circumcision

Is your penis intact, i.e. with its foreskin not removed by circumcision? Congratulations! Do you have a tight foreskin, phimosis, or are contemplating circumcision? Read on!

If you are circumcised, phimosis or tight foreskins are nothing you need to deal with or ever worry about, so that’s an advantage, of course.

Circumcision on Baby Boys

Circumcision on newborn baby boys used to be routine in both the US and in Canada, to the extent that doctors didn’t even ask the parents’ permission. This is not the case any more, and currently about 58% of baby boys in the US, and 30% in Canada get circumcised, i.e. have their foreskin removed (less that 20% in the UK). There is no medical necessity to remove the foreskin, and – with possible complications of the procedure itself – there are no health benefits of circumcision. I cannot and will not comment on circumcision due to religious or cultural background, so I generally speak here from a Western perspective. In many countries in Northern Africa, the Middle East and some countries in Asia, circumcision of boys is routine.

Circumcision and Phimosis

Foreskins sometimes have to be removed for medical reasons, e.g. with it being so tight that it makes urinating difficult, or causes painful erections. Phimosis is a tight foreskin that cannot be retracted over the tip (the glans) of the penis. This is related to paraphimosis, which is a tight foreskin getting stuck underneath the the glans, and can’t be brought back up to cover it.

Phimosis is Normal in Young Kids!

I my practice I have dealt with lots of cases of more or less tight foreskins, but before I talk about these, let me address a very important issue for parents of baby boys: Phimosis is normal in young kids. The foreskin will loosen up gradually with age, however it seems controversial at what age boys should be able to retract their foreskins. He may need to be much older than 6 years of age!

Yes, I know, you want to teach your son good hygiene, and teach him to wash the glans with the foreskin retracted. Thing is, he might not be able to do that as yet. I get told lots of stories by adults who as young boys were taken to the doctor by their parents where they had their foreskin forcibly and painfully retracted. This is not something a boy will easily forget, due to a combination of pain and shame, and I only hope that medical consensus has finally changed in that regard! The boy may come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with his penis, and that can prevail in adulthood, and cause sexual issues.

Tight foreskin in Adults

Tight foreskins can cause issues in adults, of pain during intercourse, resulting in small tears, and also fear of paraphimosis, so the foreskin getting stuck behind the head. I would generally strongly advise against any forceful and or painful manipulation of the foreskin, as it can result in scarring and may make matters worse.

Tight foreskins sometimes occur due to STIs or fungal infections, which then need to be treated accordingly, of course.

Castor Oil massage for Tight Foreskins

If you’ve always had a tight foreskin, you may want to try massaging it twice a day with warm organic castor oil, and gently pull it back. Organic Castor oil is surprisingly effective in all kinds of issues, and I really encourage people to try it out, and see for themselves.

Read this when considering Circumcision as an Adult

When you have never been able to retract your foreskin fully, and it causes all kinds of problems, you may want to consider circumcision. Please consider carefully, as after surgery and recovery you may need to get used to a penis that feels completely different. There is the option of partial circumcisions as well. Generally speaking, my understanding is that it’s not an easy procedure as an adult. While surgery can of course be successful, some men have committed suicide after undergoing it (no, really!). Take your time with the decision, ask several doctors’ opinions, and do your own research.

Last but not least, please love your penis, however it happens to be – with or without foreskin!