When is the Best time of Day to Have Sex?

When is the best time for sex

This is a question I ask quite often in my client sessions – at what time of day or night do they have sex with their partners?

You might be a morning lark, and your partner a night owl – different bed times mean that sex is probably not happening around sleeping periods during the week. 

Men tend to have a testosterone peak between 6am and 9am. Hence, the morning glory! Women’s desire is also partly driven by testosterone, and women tend to have their peak in the early evening.

While this explains a lot, and while your night owl partner may resent you for waking her up at 6am, just because, there are also practical considerations.

Generally, if you share a bed, I would recommend to not link sex to your sleepy times, if at all possible. You body will override you if you are a penis owner, and tired at the end of the night, and sex won’t last long, and may not be the best she’s had with you. Try not to have sex when you are tired.

The best sex may be when you both feel awake and energised, and that often means daytime sex, even if it needs to be at weekends. A Sunday morning might work, particularly if you have children who are at an age where they can entertain themselves for an hour or two, in the living room, while you may want your private time after morning coffee.

Just not feeling up for sex, at a certain time? 

Consider activities that get you in the mood. You may want to prepare a love making session by sharing ideas with your partner, possibly texting, browsing online for ideas or a new toy, or make the surroundings extra beautiful. If you don’t need to consider children, you can engage your erotic creativity by looking at other places in the house that might be suitable for sex – which may bring a smile to your face when you next eat your cereal at that very same kitchen table…

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